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Property Conveyance

Property buying and the best conveyancing service

Buying a home or investment property is one of the most significant purchases any of us will make.

As in all areas of the law, conveyancing is complex and has more pitfalls than ever before.

Whether you are selling a cottage on the range or purchasing a multi-million dollar canal home we will provide the same level of care and attention to detail.

The systems we implement in each conveyance ensure that all deadlines are met on time and each step in the process is carefully monitored.

Attempting to do your own conveyancing is fraught with danger and is simply false economy.

We are often consulted by people who have run into problems doing their own conveyancing and in the end, the legal costs involved in solving the problem and bringing the matter to a satisfactory conclusion amount to more than our conveyancing fees would have been in the first instance.


Also, beware of so-called “discount conveyancing” as in most instances, the low figure quoted is just a base cost to which additional fees are added for “extra” work such as arranging extensions of various dates by which conditions must be satisfied.

These extras are mostly work that are part and parcel of any conveyance.

At Cameron Rogers & Co we will advise you of our fee for the whole job, which will not change unless an exceptional amount of additional work is required.

We believe an honest and upfront approach is the best way to establish and maintain a good and lasting relationship with you, our client.

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