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Commercial Leases

Commercial property management

We act for landlords of all types of premises, from free-standing industrial sheds to shopping centres.

We draft leases with terms and conditions particularly suited to the type of premises being let and to your needs and requirements, and negotiate such terms on your behalf with the proposed tenant or his or her legal representative.

The provisions of the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994(Qld) must be strictly adhered to if the proposed lease is a retail shop lease and we have many years of experience in dealing with such matters.

We also help tenants understand their rights and obligations and will provide a summary of the lease terms which is an easily understood reference tool.

This summary includes relevant dates under the lease, the amount of rental per year, how rental increases are determined, insurance requirements and what the outgoings are.

If you intend to purchase a business, we will provide you with a summary of the lease also.

We are often involved in negotiating rent reviews, variations of lease terms and advising with respect to CPI increases, so if you have any questions about commercial leases, we are pleased to help.