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Business Law

Getting down to business

From Rainwater Tank Manufacturers to Fish ‘n’ Chip Shops, we help businesses through the legal maze.

We know that buying a business is a significant purchase.  Before you buy a business, you need the right advice in relation to the pending contract or lease of premises.

Let us peruse a Contract before you sign, to ensure you are afforded every legal protection and advice on any special conditions that should be added for your benefit.

We can make these negotiations on your behalf and work with the business broker or agent to achieve the right outcome for you.

We adhere to the correct procedures, to ensure your interests are protected.  Once the Contract has been signed by all parties, we will perform all necessary searches to ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly and will make sure the lease of the premises from which the business is conducted is valid as at the settlement date.

We will also attend to transferring the registered business name to you following settlement.

If you are thinking about buying a business or need to know more about the process, then please contact Cameron Rogers.